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Nanozyme, a class of nanomaterials with intrinsic enzyme-like properties, is a new concept. Nanozymes, like natural enzymes, can effectively catalyze the conversion of enzyme substrates under mild conditions and exhibit similar catalytic efficiency and enzymatic reaction kinetics. We combine the enzyme-mimic property of nanozymes with aptamers or other natural enzymes to create sensors.  The catalytic property of nanozymes also creates reactive oxygen species which can be used to develop antimicrobial surfaces.


Combining nanozymes and natural enzymes
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P. Weerathunge, B. K. Behera, S. Zihara, M. Singh, S. N. Prasad, S. Hashmi, P. D. Mariathomas, V. Bansal and R. Ramanathan*. Dynamic interactions between peroxidase-mimic silver NanoZymes and chlorpyrifos-specific aptamers enable highly-specific pesticide sensing in river water. Analytica Chimica Acta, 2019, 1083: 157-165.

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T. K. Sharma, R. Ramanathan, P. Weerathunge, M. Mohammadtaheri, H. K. Daima, R. Shukla, and V. Bansal. Aptamer-mediated ‘turn-off/turn-on’nanozyme activity of gold nanoparticles for kanamycin detection. Chemical Communications, 2014, 50 (100): 15856-15859.
Combining nanozymes and proteins
P. Weerathunge, D. Pooja, M. Singh, H. Kulhari, E. L. Mayes, V. Bansal, and R. Ramanathan*. Transferrin-conjugated quasi-cubic SPIONs for cellular receptor profiling and detection of brain cancer. Sensors and Actuators B, 2019, 297: 126737.

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S. N. Prasad, P. Weerathunge, M. N. Karim, S. Anderson, S. Hashmi, P. D. Mariathomas, V. Bansal, and R. Ramanathan*. Non-invasive detection of glucose in human urine using a color-generating copper NanoZyme. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2021, 413 (5): 1279-1291.

M. N. Karim, S. R. Anderson, S. Singh, R. Ramanathan* and V. Bansal, Nanostructured silver fabric as a free-standing NanoZyme for colorimetric detection of glucose in urine. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2018, 110: 8-15.

Nanozymes for antibacterial applications
M. N. Karim, M. Singh, P. Weerathunge, P. Bian, R. Zheng, C. Dekiwadia, T. Ahmed, S. Walia, E. Della Gaspera, and S. Singh, R. Ramanathan* and V. Bansal. Visible-light-triggered reactive-oxygen-species-mediated antibacterial activity of peroxidase-mimic CuO nanorods. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2018, 1 (4): 1694-1704.

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